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Your customers rely on your guidance for maximum value and innovation. This means your people need to step away from monotonous monitoring and maintenance to provide strategic consultation.

We all know inefficient and non-scalable RPA can lead to higher costs and lower revenue for clients, putting partnerships and renewals in jeopardy. C TWO positions our partners as trusted advisors capable of delivering efficient and cost-effective automation, while increasing profitability and protecting their business.

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Together, we can do more...

Increase profitability

C TWO reduces manual monitoring, freeing up your management resources, which lowers your managed service costs, leading to increased profits.

Accelerate scalability

C TWO improves client automation efficiency and lowers total cost of ownership, leading to a more scalable program and increased return on investment. Immediate capacity gains and reduced operating costs expand automation opportunities and boost license sales over time.

Stay ahead of the competition

Satisfied clients who experience the benefits of the C TWO platform - like improved service levels and total visibility – are more likely to have higher levels of trust and loyalty.

Attract and retain the best talent

Manual monitoring and reactive maintenance are frustrating and demotivating for COE teams. C TWO removes the most mundane and redundant parts of RPA operations, freeing time for more rewarding and high- value work.

Boost Credibility

C TWO helps you deliver a complete RPA automation solution, increasing your credibility with clients and demonstrating your commitment to provide the most innovative solutions.

Cost-effective and no-risk

Partnering with C TWO provides peace of mind, enhanced reputation, increased customer satisfaction and potential for increased revenue as your clients free up capacity to automate more processes.

Their words, not ours

“I know firsthand the mess it is working with RPA without C TWO.”

Christoffer Petersen
Avo Consulting

“C TWO relieves RPA COE staff from monitoring and juggling their Digital Workforce to meet workload variations and responding to system interruptions. They rest easy knowing that C TWO is on duty, ensuring service levels are being met and their Digital Worker capacity is being optimized.”

Terry Wood

“Their solution, partner focus, and vision made C TWO the ideal partner for us”

Tuomo Sievilla
Digital Workforce

“Traditional RPA schedules define the time work needs to start, but businesses operate around the time work needs to be finished. C TWO lets you get back to business. Set a completion deadline and let C TWO wrangle the robots.”

Josh Noble
Reveal Group

“At the most fundamental level, C TWO’s optimized schedule will allow your customers to do more with every Digital Worker, BOT, run-time, or your favorite replaceable buzzword.”

Josh Noble
Reveal Group

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