Automated Operations

Your intelligent automation, on cruise control

Your robots should operate at maximum capacity, with minimal manual intervention. Relying on highly skilled individuals to micromanage bots is not a sustainable solution. COEs become bogged down with maintenance and support tasks, preventing them from delivering strategic value to key growth areas, which ultimately hinders scalability and return on investment.

With C TWO, enjoy seamless automation. Our platform constantly checks for any issues and automatically resolves 90% of routine bot failures, and re-routes as needed ensuring crucial work is completed without interruption. In the rare cases where manual intervention is required, instant alerts are sent to your team, enabling real-time adjustments.

Automated Operations

We supervise so you don't have to

Dedicating highly skilled developers to micromanage bots—nights, weekends and even holidays—isn’t the answer. Too often, COEs are bogged down in maintenance and support to be truly effective in delivering strategic value.

Through advanced AI, our platform continuously monitors for breakage and automatically overcomes 90% of routine bot failures to ensure business critical work gets done. When manual intervention is needed, instant alerts notify your team so you can make real-time recalibrations.

Guaranteed results, fast! Our customers start seeing results in the first week.

Average manual effort reduction
Of L1 & L2 failures are fixed automatically

“The immediate impact from C TWO's implementation is its ability to automatically restart processes after interruptions— without any manual intervention.”

Lars Niesporek
Systems & Ops Manager, E.ON

Optimize efficiency

Dynamically manage bots and systems to allow for planned downtime during low-demand work periods.

Build trust

Eliminate frustrating interruptions with self-healing and automated event handling for 90% of IA failures.

Unleash potential

Redeploy your team to focus on developing and delivering more automations.

A laptop on an office desk

Move Faster. Achieve More.

Reset VDI's

Due to terminations, frozen sessions, eternal loops, software crashes and unavailable VDI's.

Planned downtime

Pause processes and/or VDI's at the optimal time to proactively perform maintenance.

Restart terminated processes

Automated self-healing and event handling.

Logins and logouts

Due to resetting of VDI's or to change users between processes.

Infrastructure controls

Controlling for locked screen, correct users and more.

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