Intelligent Orchestration

Smarter robots,
happier humans

Intelligent Orchestration is the game changer – the secret sauce to companies realizing the maximum value of their robotic workforce. Automation is evolving away from static allocation of resources, complex scheduling, manual fixes on unexpected incidents or sudden peaks in workload.

Effortlessly meet your business needs with C TWO. Our platform provides dynamic orchestration of work, driven by SLAs. Simply set SLA requirements for each process, and our powerful prioritization engine will take care of the rest, optimizing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Intelligent Orchestration

Smarter robots, happier humans

Intelligent Orchestration is the new secret sauce for RPA. No more trying to find available resources and time slots to add new processes into already complex schedules. So long to retro fitting schedules after unexpected incidents or sudden peaks in workload.

The C TWO Supervisor platform dynamically orchestrates work based on your business needs. Simply enter SLA requirements for each process and our advanced prioritization engine will manage and optimize the orchestration for you.

Guaranteed results, fast! Our customers start seeing results in the first week.

Average bot capacity increase
Reduction in total cost of ownership

“If we didn’t optimize and use the C TWO solution, we would be needing 600+ RPA licenses to do the same amount of work and achieve the same delivery.”

Hamish Tonkin
Head of IA, VMO2

Optimize efficiency

Automatically fluctuate your digital workforce to meet demand and increase bot capacity.

Build trust

Dynamically reprioritize and orchestrate all work based on business-defined SLAs so you never miss deadlines.

Unleash potential

Onboard complex, business-critical processes that were previously ruled out for reasons like high fall-out rate or restricted access.

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Move Faster. Achieve More.

Get up and running in no time

Onboarding a process takes less than a minute.

Improve service levels

SLA-based orchestration drastically improves service levels.

Never miss another deadline

Dynamic reprioritization to meet business requirements.

Optimize utilization

AI-driven orchestration increases utilization by 50% or more.

Increase resiliency

Execution of work resumed automatically after incidents.

Solve for workload fluctuation

Automatically manage your digital workforce based on workload demands.

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