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Enable their automation program to meet rapidly changing business requirements.
Auto-scaling and resource optimization provide greater flexibility and transparency.
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With C TWO, automation just works. I am a firm believer that we would not have been able to scale like we did without it.
Intelligent Automation

Our client began their Intelligent Automation (IA) journey in 2018 and in just a couple of years, the IA function had grown exponentially. By the time the pandemic shocked the world in early 2020, their developers were building and pushing out bots at a rapid pace.

This naturally led their Centre of Excellence (COE) team to realize that they needed to find a flexible solution that would enable their automation program to not only support management and maintenance but also address rapidly changing business requirements—and they needed to find one fast. The Head of their COE discovered C TWO in this search, and the rest is history.

Implementing auto-scaling

Before implementing C TWO, our client’s COE team managed their automations via dedicated servers, each of which was assigned to a specific automation. This, as the team soon realized, was highly inefficient. If the COE team wanted to add more automations, their only option was to acquire additional resources which were inflexible and expensive.

Implementing the C TWO platform made it possible for our client to utilize multiple machine resources, each of which could run with several bots in the background, through an auto-scaling program. These resources quickly burned through their new processes and allowed the team to realize a 2:1 (Automation:VDI) improvement over another environment that was not using the C TWO platform.

The COE team also introduced auto-scaling in their AWS environment, thereby making it possible to utilize a high number of readily available bot resources but also have them automatically shut down when there was no task for them to complete. This not only reduces operational costs for our client but also lessens their carbon footprint and environmental impact because machines are only utilised when there are tasks available.

C TWO has enabled us to have more flexibility and benefit from auto-scaling…we have saved at least a quarter of our budget by being able to just shut off machines when we don’t need them.

Their COE has just celebrated their 100th bot implementation—a scaling milestone made possible with the C TWO’s automated operations.

Creating transparency and autonomy

Another benefit the COE team realized was the added visibility C TWO dashboards and reports provided. Utilization metrics delivered data the COE could defend. They were no longer estimating the impact of RPA—rather, they had valuable metrics they could use to determine where they needed to pivot strategy and strengthen business cases for automation expansion projects.

Additionally, because C TWO doesn’t charge license fees per user, relevant stakeholders can view program performance in real-time enabling them to make impactful decisions that drive better business outcomes. This drastically reduced the amount of reporting inquiries asked of the COE—accelerating insight and innovation across the business.

We’re no longer spending valuable time running reports for process owners. Our developers can maintain their focus and the business can tap into performance dashboards anytime they need to.

New IA technologies with no up-front cost

Our client needed more than just flexibility. They were also looking for a solution that included a variety of IA technologies and would make it possible for the team to trial different tools without long procurement processes, dedicated implementations, or a need for in-house specialists and additional training.

In particular, they needed a tool that could handle intelligent document processing (IDP). With some 3,000 document types, finding a tool that could handle just some of them seemed to be an insurmountable challenge. That was until she discovered the C TWO Consume model—because it includes multiple IDP applications, her team was able to use the right application for a specific business need without being locked in or having to purchase a standalone solution.

With C TWO, we’ve been able to work with new tools quickly, all but eliminating long-winded procurement processes. C TWO has dramatically accelerated our hyperautomation journey—it has been a complete game-changer for us.

The C TWO platform has provided our client with the capability to scale its hyperautomation program rapidly while simultaneously cutting down operational costs and providing a solid foundation upon which to build a robust long-term automation pipeline.

See how our client easily expanded their IA capabilities with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go ecosystem.